Tshirt No.59 February 28th 2010
This tshirt was a gift from my parents... seriously.

Tshirt No.58 February 27th 2010
Rolling with my dogs in this tshirt from Two in the Shirt. It's saturday and we're heading to the club... yeah son

Tshirt No.57 February 26th 2010
This is a tshirt of the shopping mall named Nahatower in Okinawa Japan, from a unique design team at Dikker

Tshirt No.56 February 25th 2010
This tshirt, by Badcock Apparel, reminds me of my favorite Frank Sinatra photo from his film, "Marriage on the Rocks."

Tshirt No.55 February 24th 2010
I got this shirt in Phuket Thailand, sometime around 2008. It's a great tshirt when traveling

Tshirt No.54 February 23rd 2010

Tshirt No.53 February 22nd 2010
Victoria Bitter bottle turned into a spray paint can, in front of some great Lower East Side street art

Tshirt No.52 February 21st 2010
I graduated from an all boys Catholic High School in 1993, just not this one. Another great east village mural too.

Tshirt No.51 February 20th 2010
Vintage tshirt from the Grand Canyon State. I love these 80's highlighter colors and the Native American motif. Graffiti wall on Rivington in the Lower East Side

Tshirt No.50 Febraury 19th 2010
NYC street names, cool typography, from Express

Tshirt No.49 February 18th 2010
This Fugamma3 tshirt was purchased years ago at the very cool Zakka when it was in Soho

Tshirt No.48 February 17th 2010
I once had someone offer me $500 for this vintage Clockwork Orange tshirt while walking through Soho

Tshirt No.47 February 16th 2010
The first tshirt featured that I designed. Paul Pope is the incredible artist, and the Las Pesadillas were the greatest Sacramento band ever

Tshirt No.46 February 15th 2010
Vintage threadbare thrift store tshirt. Understated scholastic design. Bloomberg graffiti over my shoulder

Tshirt No.45 February 14th 2010
More of the video game theme with this Future Relic tshirt where the Pac Mans are America, and the rest of the world are ghosts. Happy Valentines Day

Tshirt No.44 February 13th 2010
I am 8-bit limited edition Jim Rugg Street Fighter Club edition of 250. Yep, I was there!

Tshirt No.43 February 12th 2010
Almost vintage Incubus concert tshirt for their Morning View tour 2002

Tshirt No.42 February 11th 2010
Vintage broken down and simply designed Maui tourist tshirt. Authentic and not a reproduction which is so common these days

Tshirt No.41 February 10th 2010
We took this Ryan McGinness Bauhaus tshirt out in the blizzard

Tshirt No.40 February 9th 2010
I bought this in Cancun a decade ago, because I love bootleg tshirts when they rip off famous characters. Notice the Corona at Garfield's feet

Tshirt No.39 February 8th 2010
Mao tshirt picked up when I was traveling through China. It says "General Mao, Victory!"

Tshirt No.38 February 7th 2010
Sage Smith has done some amazing design with his company Pretty Hammer, and 100% of this tshirt's proceeds go to SaveDarfur.org

Tshirt No.37 February 6th 2010
I guess it's concert tshirt week here at YOTT. This is Sebadoh shirt from their Harmacy tour back in 1996

Tshirt No.36 February 5th 2010
Pela is the best current local band in Brooklyn. Look out for a new album coming soon. Live Video

Tshirt No.35 February 4th 2010
Vintage Sunny Day Real Estate tshirt from their reunion show in Seattle around 1997

Tshirt No.34 February 3rd 2010
A cool shirt from Acid Casuals, and you can find it on Teepay

Tshirt No.33 February 2nd 2010
Vintage OP, from sometime around 1985 when Ocean Pacific was very cool. Not anymore

Tshirt No.32 February 1st 2010
Starting off Day No.1 of Month No.2 with one more Desert Storm shirt as requested from a friend