Tshirt No.90 March 31st 2010
Another great design from R.I.P. So many Japanese designers are influenced by the punk rock aesthetic.

Tshirt No.89 March 30th 2010
My first Threadless tshirt, and this one adopts a fun comic book style titled "A Geek Legend"

Tshirt No.88 March 29th 2010
Great 25 year old vintage swimming tshirt, for another rainy day in NYC

Tshirt No.87 March 28th 2010
Some more kitsch... and I didn't even make it. And this game sucked.

Tshirt No.86 March 27th 2010
Micah has some great tshirts he sells from his awesome tshirt Blog, A Tshirt Blog

Tshirt No.85 March 26th 2010
Every tshirt collection needs some sarcastic humor at a major Religion's expense. My friend Greg has designed this and a few other witty gems

Tshirt No.84 March 25th 2010
Another rad skull tshirt. Seems everyone cool put's their own spin on this design. Chris Parks is the man behind Pale Horse Designs

Tshirt No.83 March 24th 2010
Piro hand draws every tshirt he prints. You can only buy his work at the Young Designers Market in Soho NYC

Tshirt No.82 March 23rd 2010
This vintage 1990 Desert Shield tshirt has the caption "America's presence in the Middle East." Love it so much I own 2

Tshirt No.81 March 22nd 2010
Nehan is another Japanese designer with punk rock style, and a hippie attitude. He designed this tshirt in response to 911

Tshirt No.80 March 21st 2010
Lower East Side Designer Earnest Sewn. See our YOTT video episode No.2 with them out Today

Tshirt No.79 March 20th 2010
Psychadelic Peaceful Party from Japan. He does some really trippy colorful designs

Tshirt No.78 March 19th 2010
Taking the Teepay signature tshirt to my favorite NYC chinese grocery in the Lower East Side

Tshirt No.77 March 18th 2010
I don't know who Eisarman is, but I like his super Japanese style, by Dikker

Tshirt No.76 March 17th 2010
St. Patrick's Day means lots of drinking whiskey and forgetting your way home. Usually very little kissing, but maybe this year will be different with this tshirt

Tshirt No.75 March 16th 2010
From the Young Designers Market NYC, a little political humor added to the ironic travel tshirt

Tshirt No.74 March 15th 2010
"Owls" is a Japanese tshirt company that has disappeared, but they told me they plan to be back soon. Ice Candy is their Punk Rock inspired line

Tshirt No.73 March 14th 2010
Another vintage tshirt from the 1984 Olympics, and in great condition. And some Waterpolo History

Tshirt No.72 March 13th 2010
Black Tee Dolls is another fantastic Japanese tshirt designer. I love her hand drawn girly magazine covers and her Blog

Tshirt No.71 March 12th 2010
We start celebrating St. Patrick's Day early here in NYC. Get your green shirt now, I already took mine to the bar

Tshirt No.70 March 11th 2010
Frank and Jan have a awesome unique style, and a witty sense of humor

Tshirt No.69 March 10th 2010
Japanese Designer "Who CR-Z" has some cool stuff, it's hard to get right now, but you can see some of his tshirts and design

Tshirt No.68 March 9th 2010
I acquired this at a Deftones Cattle Club show when they were still a local band in Sac around 1994

Tshirt No.67 March 8th 2010
Another tshirt from when I worked at Heckler Magazine. This one I helped design the typeface to look like the Metallica logo

Tshirt No.66 March 7th 2010
Another tshirt from my War tshirt collection. This one is from the "Second" Gulf war, around 2003

Tshirt No.65 March 6th 2010
Yet another Ryan McGinness tshirt. This one is from around 2006. I'm a fan

Tshirt No.64 March 5th 2010
Uh oh uh oh oh. Ultra vintage 80's kitsch with florescent puffy paint too. NKOTB

Tshirt No.63 March 4th 2010
This tshirt cracks me up. It's a vintage threadbare homemade stanford gym shirt with iron on letters. Who makes their own gym shirt for Stanford?

Tshirt No.62 March 3rd 2010
R.I.P. Design is a very cool Japanese designer who draws influences from old school punk rock posters. His R.I.P. Design website is coming soon

Tshirt No.61 March 2nd 2010
I got this tshirt at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. And YES that is a hot dog stain, I should have photoshop'd it out

Tshirt No.60 March 1st 2010
A reversible tshirt by the extremely talented artist at Freegums. AND, this kid can dance