Tshirt No.120 April 30th 2010
Even though this shirt is a complete lie, I like the design, and it's so soft I rub it on my face all day long. Instant Classic

Tshirt No.119 April 29th 2010
First photo shot in our new studio. This tshirt is from the design team at Descrea

Tshirt No.118 April 28th 2010
My friend Chris, from a great band named Pela, made this tshirt for me, so only one of these exist in the whole world

Tshirt No.117 April 27th 2010
Another great accidentally cool designed war tshirt, Desert Storm

Tshirt No.116 April 26th 2010
Vintage Navy tshirt, taken in front of this years tshirts so far... on exhibit at Con Artist Gallery in the Lower East Side

Tshirt No.115 April 25th 2010
Heckler Magazine was the best designed skateboarding, snowboarding and music mag made, but maybe I'm a little biased

Tshirt No.114 April 24th 2010
Taking Charlie Noble's skull tee out on the A train

Tshirt No.113 April 23rd 2010
Sick photo, and another awesome Japanese tshirt designer Issei Me

Tshirt No.112 April 22nd 2010
I love Fur Face Boy. So should you

Tshirt No.111 April 21st 2010
I never watched Hee Haw very much as a kid, but this one I dedicated to the Donkey Bear

Tshirt No.110 April 20th 2010
Stupid Funny Design has a huge collection of very cool and strange tshirts that I rarely call stupid, or funny. Cool $#!† though :-)

Tshirt No.109 April 19th 2010
It's been cloudy outside, so we're taking inside shots again. This is another tshirt from the Japanese designer who goes by the name R.I.P.

Tshirt No.108 April 18th 2010
The Blackout was the day before my birthday, and we grabbed a flashlight and bar hopped all night. It was awesome

Tshirt No.107 April 17th 2010
This buddha skeleton was designed by the very cool Japanese tshirt designer Nehan

Tshirt No.106 April 16th 2010
Talking goats taste better. This one is from Dikker in Japan

Tshirt No.105 April 15th 2010
If you can't tell by now, I'm a huge fan of Ryan McGinness

Tshirt No.104 April 14th 2010
I love the Lazer Tits website, and I'm super stoked they are now making tshirts <3

Tshirt No.103 April 13th 2010
Joe, over at Plink Design, designed this very cool "Rain Drops" tshirt. He's located right here in the neighborhood, just about 3 blocks away from me

Tshirt No.102 April 12th 2010
Another sick tshirt from Graniph Design Tshirts store, Japan

Tshirt No.101 April 11th 2010
Howies Big City Defector tshirt taken out to the park today

Tshirt No.100 April 10th 2010
Will Haven was one of the early Nor Cal straight edge bands, and damn could that kid scream

Tshirt No.99 April 9th 2010
Jermaine from Changing Lanes has his own style blending pop and hip hop concepts with just plain strange. Love it

Tshirt No.98 April 8th 2010
Another war tshirt from the collection. This is a ultra soft, broken down soft tshirt from Desert Shield 1990

Tshirt No.97 April 7th 2010
issei.me is my favorite tshirt designer in Japan right now. His style is unique, original and very cool. This is also my first photo from my new artist studio

Tshirt No.96 April 6th 2010
Official tshirt of the sheep shearing team, The Angels

Tshirt No.95 April 5th 2010
Taco Rice is a famous Okinawan dish served in schools and KFC, brought to you by the Okinawa designers at Dikker

Tshirt No.94 April 4th 2010
My second Frank and Jan tshirt, on this awesome day in the Lower East Side. I want to take this centerfold out for Easter brunch

Tshirt No.93 April 3rd 2010
Some days you just need to sleep in. I'm rocking a sick Charlie Noble tshirt and recovering from working until 6am last night

Tshirt No.92 April 2nd 2010
Another vintage Sunny Day Real Estate tshirt from sometime around their second reunion, 1998.

Tshirt No.91 April 1st 2010
I took Bullshit Rabbit out to Clinton street for a stroll on this beautiful spring day. This pink gem is from Design Tshirts Store graniph, Japan