Tshirt No. 304 October 31th 2012
Happy Halloween! Woke up extra early (in my Johnny Cupcakes Count Spatula shirt) to carve a pumpkin after the greatest character from Hook... Rufio!

Tshirt No. 303 October 30th 2012
Ah! It's SEIBEI's Miniboss!

Tshirt No. 302 October 29th 2012
I am a lone wolf. I am strong.

Tshirt No. 301 October 28th 2012
Every now and then my mom challenges me to a cook off. I felt like this shirt was appropriate. No No Grits, No Glory!

Tshirt No. 300 October 27th 2012
After a 2 hour brunch I took time out to grab some fresh air.

Tshirt No. 299 October 26th 2012
This is my face before my morning coffee... Yikes! Thankfully I have Fresh Kaufee!

Tshirt No. 298 October 25th 2012
"Silence is Golden"

Tshirt No. 297 October 24th 2012
I figured I should wear my gnarly comic shirt (and catch up on Daredevil) on my first day back in NYC.

Tshirt No. 296 October 23rd 2012
Batgums in a cathedral.

Tshirt No. 295 October 22nd 2012
Hierarchy is what you make of it.

Tshirt No. 294 October 21th 2012
Gothic style churches are spooky - Spook City agrees.

Tshirt No. 293 October 20th 2012
First day in Prague and I felt free. So a FreeGums shirt felt appropriate.

Tshirt No. 292 October 19th 2012
I used to be Linsane, now I wear his t-shirt to clean my house.

Tshirt No. 291 October 18th 2012
Dinner is served!

Tshirt No. 290 October 17th 2012
Hatsune Miku is one of my favorite singers. Never heard of Vocaloid? Look it up!

Tshirt No. 289 October 16th 2012
No winking in my Winky Boo shirt. Sometimes bed hair suits the monsters on your t-shirt.

Tshirt No. 288 October 15th 2012
In typical The Walking Dead fashion, I killed some zombies in my SEIBEI IZHL t-shirt before going to work!

Tshirt No. 287 October 14th 2012
Can't start my morning without Ahhh! Real Monster Screamies!

Tshirt No. 286 October 13th 2012
Nobuo Uematsu wrote many classic scores for some of my favorite video games. Occasionally, I fall asleep listening to Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY.

Tshirt No. 285 October 12th 2012
Erik Jones is one of my favorite artists. Can't you tell?

Tshirt No. 284 October 11th 2012
Sometimes a t-shirt says too much. Sometimes there's a true to be told. Sometimes the world ends. It makes you scratch your head just thinking about it.

Tshirt No. 283 October 10th 2012
I spent a year in Texas and I feel like I am a certified sheriff. No one pass these stairs without my permission!

Tshirt No. 282 October 9th 2012
As I was on my way to shoot some hoops, I figured I would send my friends over at Threadbird Printing a message - check the game face! Me & Jason Carne vs Shane Matthew Stiles & Adam Hendle!

Tshirt No. 281 October 8th 2012
That's right... You've guessed it... I am a Spider-Man fan! Who's a better superhero than Spidey? No one that's who!

Tshirt No. 280 October 7th 2012
My father was in the army for twenty two years, so are you surprised by this? Among Villains provides another look into their line with this gritty t-shirt.

Tshirt No. 279 October 6th 2012
Okay, you got me... I am a sci-fi nerd. Orwell's 1984 is an essential read when breaking into the genre. Plus let's be honest, how bad ass is the eye?

Tshirt No. 278 October 5th 2012
When Johann F. takes a second from tattooing to design a t-shirt - you buy that t-shirt!

Tshirt No. 277 October 4th 2012
Back when I was eighteen years old Tom Murphy tattooed my wrist. Sixteen tattoos later he's still tattooing me. Mean Street Tattoo is simply the best.

Tshirt No. 276 October 3rd 2012
My friend Pierce sings - people listen. Ghost Mall is one of his many awesome musical projects.

Tshirt No. 275 October 2nd 2012
Nick Automatic is the Philippines premiere t-shirt brand. My brother and partner in crime, Nicolo Nimor, loves paying homage to New York City's orange, white, and royal blue.

Tshirt No. 274 October 1st 2012
Regan Smith Clarke believes in making your own luck! Don't be afraid to fight for what you believe in!