Tshirt No. 152 May 31st 2012
How many of you identified what this tee was about right off the bat? Cool isn't it?! TMNT/Artists mash up! My favorite artist and Turtle is Raphael by the way. Oh the drawing I'm holding is inspired by Michelangelo's Pieta. Still working on it though. This sick work of art (the tee of course) is from RIPT Apparel Each tee is only available for 24 hours! Get today's before its too late!

Tshirt No. 151 May 30th 2012
All hail the KING! All hail the KING! Now this is what I call royalty, the King of the jungle wearing his rightful crown. I've had the luxury of seeing lions in their habitat as well as playing with a couple of cubs. This tee by Choke on Color is every bit as awe inspiring as that experience. You have to check them out on their site or Facebook page

Tshirt No. 150 May 29th 2012
YES! I’m officially a member of the fitted life ALL STARS hahahaahaha. I freakin’ love Fitted Life tees. Big thanks to the Fitted life team for the package they sent me (tees and stickers *air punch*). Check out their Web store, on Facebook and Twitter right now! Ok go, quick!

I made this tee just before my Dad bought me my 1st piano (I used it to hint that I wanted one). I quickly made the design from a photo of hers and had it printed the morning I got the Piano (all in like 20mins). It goes without saying that this tee is used stricly for practicing. Alicia Keys has always been an inspiration for me. Her music is still some of the best i've ever heard and subsequently led to me learning to play the piano. I just love Alicia Keys

BBC has been one of my favourite labels since it was started. The simplicity of the designs is what appeals to me. Great brand. Great tees. *cues Frontin’*

Tshirt No. 147 May 26th 2012
Its about time I get back into the gym and get some Popeye sized guns. Let me let you guys in on some South African lingo: when someone calls you a Popeye its not exactly a good thing. A Popeye in SA is usually a clown or jokster. Basically someone who should never be taken seriously. Now you know, you're welcome.

Tshirt No. 146 May 25th 2012
What a coincidence. Africa day, Friday fan days and the due date of my property law exam fall on the same day. Let me fill you in on some wisdom, this is how you spend Africa/Friday fanday, ith some great rugby!

Tshirt No. 145 May 24th 2012
If you are wondering why im wearing this shirt today, its simple. I just booked my vacation to Cape Town where I will be paying another visit to the Robben Island Museum. If ever you get the chance to go, do it. Its a great experience.

Tshirt No 144 May 23rd 2012
There's an issue that really needs to be addressed urgently. The lack of comic book shops in and around my area, well in South Africa as a whole is disgusting. The last time I was able to get my hands on some comics was around 3 years ago. Since then comic shops have all but vanished almost over night. I knew it was a problem when on my way to university this morning, some kid asks me "who is flash?" HELP, THESE KIDS NEED COMICS.

Tshirt No. 143 May 2nd 2012
I mean come on, who out there in the real world doesnt need a reason to smile every once in a while? Just looking at this tee is enough to bring a smile to even the most hardened faces. Thats my good deed for the day, now go out there and smile! Picked this one up at a beach store in Durban.

Tshirt No. 142 May 21st 2012
Monday has come again! Its freezing out but everyone knows that a consructive monday leads to a productive week. Thats why im just as ecstatic as Finn is when an adventure is on the horizon. Thanks to SKREENED for sending me this Adventure Time tee, now I can slay monday the right way

Tshirt No. 141 May 20th 2012
This was a crazy weekend in terms of soccer (football), Benni McCarthy wins the PSL league title for the Orlando Pirates, Drogba keeps Chelsea alive in the Champs league final and then slots through the decisive penalty! Thus, I had to wear this Nike/Kronk world cup collab tee. We love the beautiful game

Tshirt No. 140 May 19th 2012
Im about to show this property law exam just how good business is. My mom got me this shirt while my parents were off in Cape Town. THANKS MOM!

Tshirt No 139 May 18th 2012
"LOL @ UR SWAG!" What a statement! Once again I have to commend the good folks over at The Tshirt Exchange for another great tee. By the way they have a great project going. Check out their site and get involved.

Tshirt No. 138 May 17th 2012
Basketball is my favorite sport, I love it when they dribble up and down the court. I love the give and go, the pick and roll... hahahahahaha I love that jam. What I love even more than that track are 8bit designs. So what could be better than Jordan's signature dunk contest free throw line dunk IN 8BIT!! Love this tee from Skreened Check out their stuff ASAP

Tshirt No. 137 May 16th 2012
There is a mode certain individuals reach. A mode so powerful that most mortals describe it as unattainable. My dear friends, I have reached that mode. I have reached BEAST MODE! and I owe it all to The Tshirt Exchange

Tshirt No. 136 May 15th 2012
Everyone knows that Enter the Dragon is one of my favorite movies of all time. Fuse that with the pure class of the Vulcan Salute and you have got yourself a super combination. Head over to the Tshirt Terrorist online store for this and other great tees.

Tshirt No 135 May 14th 2012
Mondays are always special for me. Every Monday I try set the bar for the coming week and do whatever I can to make sure that I absolutely KILL everything on my Monday to-do list. This great tee from Dead Cities Clothing is just the tee to set the bar for the week's coming tees. It's going to be a good week.

Tshirt No. 134 May 13th 2012
Happy Mother's to all the women who make life worth living. I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate "Hey Mama" by Kanye West to all of you (hence the Kanye mascot tee). Enjoy your day.

Tshirt No. 133 May 12th 2012
Sagat has got me on the punching bag preparing for Ryu and his boys. As you can see from my tee, im up against Ken. Did I mention that Sagat is the greatest fighter in the Street Fighter series? Picked this shirt up from the Jay Jays Johannesburg store.

Tshirt No. 132 May 11th 2012
I had to wear this tee in mourning of New York's exit from the playoffs. I wonder what Amar'e would do to this red button after their elimination game. This classic styled tee is from Dead Cities Clothing I absolutely love their tees.

Tshirt No.131 May 10th 2012
Be warned, we're armed and dangerous . With a femme fatale thrown in for good measure ; ) Huge thanks has to go out to Estevan Oriol for sending me this tee. Much appreciated.

Tshirt No. 130 May 9th 2012
So... you say you like a man in uniorm? No? Then im afraid im gonna have to see some ID ma'am. Shout out to T-Shirts.com for this great Cop Shirt

Tshirt No. 129 May 8th 2012
We're talking about a revolution here people. This Chewbacca/Guevara mashup is EPIC! Big thanks to one of my favorite tee brands Tshirt Terrorist for the tees.

Tshirt No. 128 May 7th 2012
LA!! Great photography and design on this tee by Estevan Oriol check out this and other great tees at the Estevan Oriol online store

Tshirt No. 127 May 6th 2012
Who did not love Gary Coleman in Diff'rent strokes? I loved the show and this tee just brought all that love back! Huge thanks to My Icon art and clothing for the great tees.

Tshirt No.126 May 5th 2012
"I love japanese girls" You damn skippy I do! In fact I just love Japanese culture as a whole. If you are the same, check out JapanTee for a great selection of Japanese inspired T-shirts.

T-shirt No.125 May 4th 2012
This one is destined to be an instant classic! With Chucks hanging from my neck my street cred just went up a few notches. Visit Crazy dog tshirts ASAP! They have a great selection of tees.

Tshirt No. 124 May 3rd 2012
Just coz im wearing this shirt im going to try out one of Will's famous pickup lines today. Any suggestions? Thanks to My icon art and clothing for this banger. Check them out.

Tshirt No. 123 May 2nd 2012
Who's on my line? Who's on my line? Big thanks to the good folks over at T-shirts.com. Be sure to check out their Funny tees

Tshirt No.122 May 1st 2012
Hey YOTT fans, followers and friends! Kevin Smith here all the way from South Africa! I'll be taking over from my boy Avery Landau for the next 4 months. 1st of all GREAT JOB AVERY!! You set a great standard for YOTT this year. My 1st tee is the one that got me chosen to represent YOTT. Shout out to my Dad for spotting and getting me this cool tee. P.S Hit me up if you want to take on the undisputed monopoly champ of South Africa. I need some competition.