Tshirt No. 182 June 30th 2012
The classic baseball tee. Its a shame that baseball is a minority sport in South Africa (well its basically non-existent) because tees like these are basically not available around these parts. But hey, I got my hands on one so I'm happy.

Tshirt No. 181 June 29th 2012
This has to be the most comfortable tee I've ever experienced (yes I said experienced). I've always been a fan of Levi's but I must say that their Red tab tees are why I still love them.

Tshirt No. 180 June 28th 2012
Aaaaaahhh the joys of an African winter. Its 20 degrees outside and the sun is shining in a cloudless sky. So obviously a striped pocket tee was in order. Thanks to Jay Jays SA for giving me the look I needed for the day.

Tshirt No. 179 27th June 2012
I had to get the classic white tee from Nike as you might have guessed, I'm trying to hit the gym in time for summer (yeah its the middle of winter over here). Let's do this.

Tshirt No. 178 June 26th 2012
Everyone who has ever taken on the task of taming the keys on a piano will readily identify with the love I have for the instrument. Whether you're a hobby pianist or professional, we all share common love for the piano. This is where the Geek Squad came in. They hooked me up with this "keep the octave close to heart" tee before its release and I'm ecstatic. Thanks for the hook up.

Tshirt No. 177 June 25th 2012
Sometimes you just need a simple tee that compliments your outfit. This is just the tee for the job. Thanks goes out to Red Bat for this tee (as well as the cardigan by the way). Be sure to check them out, they have a great urban streetwear range. Not to be missed.

Tshirt No. 176 June 24th 2012
I can't wait for Geek Squad to drop their debut line and website. They really have some sick tees on the way. This "bow tie" will be used for the more formal occasions (just so I fit in).

Tshirt No. 175 June 23rd 2012
This is a prototype from Geek Squad's upcoming tee range. They're launching a range of screen printed (by hand) shirts and this is one of the 1st prototypes. Be on the look out for when the range drops, they've got a some sick designs on the way.

Tshirt No. 174 June 22nd 2012
Today I worked my butt off (I've been up for 10 hours already) and I'm so relieved to reach my front door. Oh and yes, I did run home (most of the way at least). This tee is from Howies they're an environmentally friendly company who offer tees of unrivaled quality. I love what they stand for and the great products on offer. Check them out.

Tshirt No. 173 June 21st 2012
JHB IS KONKRIT! If you don't know what Konkrit is, or what their movement is all about, I strongly suggest that you click this Link and find out. This is a good example of a young Lifestyle brand that's progressing South African fashion. Live Life Solid

Tshirt No 172 June 20th 2012
I just found out Super Mario can be completed in 5 minutes. I feel so inadequate right now (I've never finished the game). I need to go up my skills before its too late.

Tshirt No 171 June 19th 2012
I've always had a thing for pocket tees, especially when the pocket design stands out like this "Apache" tee from Hyde Expedition Company which is the 1st Apache tee in Africa! *does a happy dance* Like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter make sure you check out their gear, its totally awesome. Stay Riled.

Tshirt No. 170 June 18th 2012
Where else is the game played more beautifully than in Brazil? Their olympic team is looking rather inexperienced but I still hope they can make it to a medal game. Picked this shirt up from Nike

Tshirt No 169 June 17th 2012
Father's Day, for some reason, always reminds of watching early morning cartoons with my Dad. We always used to watch The Smurfs not to mention that Hefty was always my favorite, my pops liked Brainy. Happy Father's day.

Tshirt No. 168 June 16th 2012
Its Youth Day in South Africa today and its freezing outside. Anyways my sister is planning a trip to NY and I hope wearing this tee convinces her to take me with *hint hint* TAKE ME WITH PLEASE!

Tshirt No 167 June 15th 2012
One of the best designed shirts I've seen. Maybe the musical aspect is what captures me but I just love the concept of this tee from Full Bleed I must commend Rob Dobi on his work, not only on this tee, but on his work in general. Thanks for the tees by the way.

Tshirt No. 166 June June 14th 2012
Killer swag is the order of the day. It could be none other than Kill Brand responsible for such a sick tee. Oh and its a unisex tshirt at that, how cool is that? This is a brand you sure want to check out. As in NOW

Tshirt No. 165 June 13th 2012
There's no more appropriate Tshirt out there for today than the one I've got on now. Why might you ask? Well I've been imprisoned by exams and they're officially over. That means one thing and one thing only, I'm about to "PAINT THE TOWN RED" like the little guy on my tee ;D The detail in this shirt by Full Bleed is just amazing. You really need to see their stuff, really cool tees.

Tshirt No. 164 June 12th 2012
I totally love the movement going on over at Kayobi Clothing They're doing wonders getting african fashion on the map and I support them 100%. Oh and just coz I'm such a nice guy, visit this Link to get a discount on your next purchase.

Tshirt No 163 June 11th 2012
Let me cut straight to the chase. South African Street Art art is the ISH!! I recently got introduced to it on a legal scale recently and I was blown away. I'm trying to get some street artists to do some custom airbrush tees for YOTT, keep your fingers crossed! Anyways, off to a quick street art exhibition later tonight.

Tshirt No.162 June 10th 2012
Aaaaaaarrrggghhhh I'm in the home stretch! Exams are almost over! Soon the BEAST will be unleashed!!! How does Hulk Hogan tear so many shirts (especially at his age)? Let me put a slit in the collar and try again...

Tshirt No. 161 June 9th 2012
Yesterday we saw the opening of the Euro 2012, today Bafana Bafana play a must win world cup qualifier. However, I'm wearing this shirt due to the numerous articles I've read on racism surrounding the Euro 2012 tournament. I really hope Fifa does something about this before it spoils what is looking like a promising tournament. Play fair, racism isn't cool.

Tshirt No 160 June 8th 2012
The UEFA Euro 2012 will begin later today. I've got my money on Greece in the 1st game against the host nation Poland. Who do you have winning the whole thing? I think Germany is going to probably take it.

Tshirt No 159 June 7th 2012
There's nothing like a tee that no one has (well at least that's what I think). This one I picked up at a local flea market. To this day I've never seen anyone with a pocket tee quite like this. One of my favorites.

Tshirt No. 158 June 6th 2012
Waataaaahhhh!!! Be honest, after watching a Bruce Lee movie you also had dreams of becoming a Kung-Fu master hahahahaaha what? That was just me? Ok. Well this tee from Radio Days is for all us Bruce Lee fans who remember the good old kick dust out of a guy's face days.

Tshirt No. 157 June 5th 2012
Nothing says "workout time" quite like the classic, Nike . Nothing. Let me start off with a jog and then get stuck in the gym!

Tshirt No. 156 June 4th 2012
YO! Exam stress is killing me! This is usually the time I thrive. Anyways I'll get over it, enough of that. This tee by Red Bat is one of my personal favorites. Super comfy too. Love it.

Tshirt No 155 June 3rd 2012
I'm on a rooftop chilling right now enjoying some old school music (Manhattans, Ashford and Simpson etc). Props goes out to RIPT Apparel for this classic tee. If you didn't already know, tees on RIPT apparel are only available for 24hrs. Make SURE you go over to their site and get today's tee before its gone for good!

Tshirt No. 154 June 2nd 2012
Defend the Stronghold at all costs! This great tee is by none other than Fitted Life Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter there is some good history behind this brand and their tees are amazing (obviously).

TShirt No. 153 June 1st 2012
Mount Rapmore suckers! If you know anything about Rap you'll know that 2pac is greatest rapper of all time! ALL TIME! I tried making a beat to commemorate this tee by Headline Shirts but it was a disaster :D Check out their Facebook page AND sign up for their Newsletter to get $5 off your next purchase. Don't say I never came through with hook ups ; D