Tshirt No. 213 July 31st 2012
Earlier this month I showcased male tees by Nerd's Clothing. So I thought I would end the month off with another one of their gems. This is one from their limited edition "Couples tee" which combine a character from the Nerd's female range and one from the male range into one unisex tee. This line needs support, they deserve it

Tshirt No.212 July 30th 2012
There's few men that I have utter respect for. Mahatma Gandhi is one of those men. The mere fact that he could move the masses the way he did is probably why, in my opinion, he was the most powerful man of our time. That amount of power automatically also makes him one of the coolest men ever. As we say in SA, that makes him pretty "Stundee" (equivalent of Dope)

Tshirt No.211 July 29th 2012
I've always been a fan of the classic cartoon character tee. Who's more classic than good old Papa Smurf Godd thing I picked this limited edition up from Jay Jays while it was still stocked

Tshirt No. 210 July 28th 2012
The Olympic Ceremony last night was crazy (lengthy, but crazy) it was thoroughly entertaining. To back Team South Africa I had this gold medal shirt printed in hopes that one of our athletes brings a real medal home. Bring it home Team SA!

Tshirt No. 209 July 27th 2012
TGIF!!! Hectic week just passed but its over now. Since its friday I thought I'd just bottle up some awesomeness and dab it all over myself!

Tshirt No.208 July 26th 2012
As part of Nerd's Clothing's movement, they have announced, as part of their range, a line of tees called "What Nerds gave the world". As part of this line many of the inventions and discoveries by "nerds" will be showcased on high quality tees. This one is "thanks for showing us Space"

Tshirt No. 207 July 25th 2012
Kids, The word of the day for today is "Fresh". Like a blue summer sky, there's nothing fresher and this tee from the Sail District store is just as fresh. Simple typography, great concept. Love this tee.

Tshirt No. 206 July 24th 2012
Not so long ago I featured the first men's character releases from Nerd's Clothing and they were kind enough to send me some more from their debut line. SWEET

Tshirt No. 205 July 23rd 2012
Sail District is quickly becoming my favorite new tee store. The variations of designs and styles are amazing. This little gem is called the Catch 22 (for obvious reasons) and its already one of my favorites.

Tshirt No.204 July 22nd 2012
This is another one from Sail District's killer new line. Great logo, great quality tee, overall great package. I must commend SD on the quality of their products which is very rare in South Africa. Great to see a brand that puts quality 1st.

Tshirt No.203 July 21st 2012
Ramadhaan Mubarak! I'm happy to start fasting today, I hope it goes as well as it always does. Back to the tee. Today's tee is called "ship cogs" from Sail Districts flagship store. Shout out to them for hooking me up with the gear.

Tshirt No.202 July 20th 2012
Yesterday I mentioned Sail District and today I would like to thank them again for hooking me up with some gear. Today im wearing their "double sleeve" tee which is basically a pair of long sleeves sewn into the short sleeves. Pretty nifty

Tshirt No. 201 July 19th 2012
New shop alert! Sail district just opened a flagship store and I'm already seeing a bright future for them. I had to show my support (I know one of the owners) and picked up their "Anchor body" tees. Good stuff in this store, not just Sail District clothing available.

Tshirt No. 200 July 18th 2012
As a 3rd year law student its about time I get my candidate attorney applications ready and sent out. Its time like these when faith gets me through the day. Whether times are good or bad, all we have is faith.

Tshirt No. 199 July 17th 2012
Summer is around the corner and there's one goal on my mind, GET FIT. Everyone knows that the best way to get fit and sculpt your core is to do some boxing training. Once you get fighting fit, looking good on the beach will be nothing. So today, thanks to Everlast I'll be well on my way to getting the job done.

Tshirt No.198 July 16th 2012
Today marks the start of the 2nd as well as the collaborative efforts between Lebesa Selepe and I starting to take shape. I'm excited about this project.

Tshirt No.197 July 15th 2012
This is another one from Nerd Clothing's upcoming line. This is for all the Nerds who keep it gansta. This is probably my favorite from the range. When the line drops I'll be sure to infor you all

Tshirt No. 196 July 14 2012
I warned you guys yesterday that Nerd's Cl. Co by Lebesa Selepe is one to look out for when its released. This particular design is the "Jock nerd" fusion for all of us jocks who strive for academic excellence. I really love this line.

Tshirt No. 195 July 13th 2012
Its funny what can come out of a criminal law lecture. Last year during one such lecture, Lebesa Selepe created Nerd's Clothing. A clothing line that fuses Nerds with various other stereotypes such as Pimps, Jocks, Cheerleaders etc. This is the Pimp Nerd tee from his debut range (releasing later this year). Great line, great concept, great clothing. I hope he gets the sponsorship needed to release his debut line on time.

Tshirt No. 194 July 12th 2012
The best thing about winter is getting fitter and preparing your body ready for summer. So this tee serves as good motivation. I just love Twitter logo parodies and on tees they're even better

Tshirt No. 193 July 11th 2012
Jafar for Sultan! Threadless is having a Disney Villains competition. I want to enter this design in the contest. Its based (obviously) on Obama's hope poster. So this would be Jafar's campaign poster in running for sultan. Let me try and submit this design quickly, first I need to get a threadless account.

Tshirt No. 192 July 10th 2012
If music is your passion, then Social Vibes is the social network for you. This social network is great for upcoming musicians wanting to showcase their talent. Get to it ASAP and show the world what you've got.

Tshirt No. 191 July 9th 2012
What is Social Vibes might you ask? Well Social Vibes is the future of social networking. It combines social networking with music in one perfectly polished place. Join the movement now and check out the site or follow Social Vibes on twitter. Get going.

Tshirt No. 190 July 8th 2012
I've been having so much fun representing Year of the Tshirt (YOTT) this year! Its been a blast. So much so that I had this vinyl design cut out for me on a recent trip to a friend's workshop. I see this tee as my "YOTT uniform" for when I'm carrying out official YOTT business and its already boosted my productivity.

Tshirt No.189 July 7th 2012
The first time I saw the Thriller video I was scared senseless. But I also fell in love with MJ's transformation from human to zombie and back again, all while busting the smoothest of moves. That transformation is the inspiration for this 8bit Thriller Michael Jackson tee.

Tshirt No. 188 July 6th 2012
Every twitter user knows that on certain days twitter becomes a very risqué place. That is what inspired this design (hence the boobs). Since its friday twitter will once again make that transformation into "titter"

Tshirt No. 187 July 5th 2012
Its not often when you come across a brand that have tees that you simply just have to have. Socialfabrik is one such brand. As soon as I hit their website I knew I had to get them involved in YOTT, and as fate would have it, they sent me this great tee and a sticker pack. Take my advice on this one, get connected with them on Facebook and Twitter right now!

Tshirt No 186 July 4th 2012
Hi, my name is Kevin and I'm a pocket tee addict. This is one that I designed myself. The design is based on Fijian tribal tattoos and patterns usually found on males transitioning into manhood. I like these tribal polynesian designs and I had to get one printed on a pocket tee.

Tshirt No. 185 July 3rd 2012
Its a sad day today. I woke up to find that my dog had been poisoned this morning. So I had to wear this all black v-neck pocket tee today. I'm devastated. RIP Charlie

Tshirt No. 184 July 2nd 2012
I have to confess, I've never really been a fan of the Star Wars series. I am however a huge fan of Storm Troopers. If it wasn't for these dudes I probably would have never watched a single one of the Star Wars movies. I'm totally stoked that I finally got my hands on Storm Trooper tee. Now I just need their armor.

Tshirt No 183 July 1st 2012
The 1st day of July and I thought I'd kick the month off with one of MY very own design and printed shirts. I love 8bit designs and I had to do one of my self for this tee. There's always that moment of pride when one of your own shirts are printed and ready to be worn. Keep your eyes peeled for more of my designs in future.