Tshirt No. 31 January 31st 2012
Decided to shoot some baskets cause it's feeling like spring tonight. It's already the end of January! Big thanks to Charliegh Co. for the awesome tshirt!

Tshirt No. 30 January 30th 2012
"Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?" - Marty McFly(Back to the Future). Big thanks to Jet Cadet for the futuristic tshirt!

Tshirt No. 29 January 29th 2012
Chasing that paper/green/money/ducks/dough/moolah/bucks/dollars/bread. Thanks Conquer 88 Apparel for the cool tshirt!

Tshirt No. 28 January 28th 2012
I might be dreaming, but I'm pretty sure my dog wants to kill me... Go check out LifeStyleInks they sent me some sick tshirts!

Tshirt No. 27 January 27th 2012
Don't let me get my wiffle ball bat out... Big thanks to face OF fame for the awesome tshirt!!

Tshirt No. 26 January 26th 2012
Don't know how to yoyo but good thing Hello Fresco has me covered! Thanks for the cool tshirt! Also, go check out there latest video!!

Tshirt No. 25 January 25th 2012
"The hundredth monkey effect is a phenomenon in which a learned behavior spreads instantaneously from one group of monkeys to all related monkeys once a critical number is reached." They're taking over... Big thanks to Dress Royale for the tee!

Tshirt No. 24 January 24th 2012
Man, the future looks so bright. Shout-out to Volga Verdi, they sent me this awesome tshirt!!

Tshirt No. 23 January 23rd 2012
Knockout!! I remember staying up late some nights to beat Punch-Out!! Big thanks to Bitmap'd for sending me some tshirts.

Tshirt No. 22 January 22nd 2012
Living that Quiet Life... All Day/All Night... Check out Quiet Life , they sent me some awesome tshirts. Go Giants!!

Tshirt No. 21 January 21st 2012
Fresh snow in Jersey to make some ice cream with!!! Big thanks to Peace and Ice Cream for sending me some shirts. They just got a new website!

Tshirt No. 20 January 20th 2012
Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!!! Awesome Tshirt sent to me by Design By Humans

Tshirt No. 19 January 19th 2012
I've only lost once in NBA 2k12... and it was too my little brother. Check out 2520, they sent me this sick tshirt!

Tshirt No. 18 January 18th 2012
Never look back! Awesome limited Tshirt sent to me by PLAANT. Big thanks to them!!!

Tshirt No. 17 January 17th 2012
Wouldn't be New York City without the Subway... Every time I take it, there's always something to see/hear/and smell. Big thanks to Native New York Clothing for the awesome tshirts! Go check them out!

Tshirt No. 16 January 16th 2012
Remember when you used to get those coloring papers at restaurants?? Those were the good old days, but I'm glad that Creativty Never Grows Up. Big thanks to ColorBlind Creations for the shirt!!

Tshirt No. 15 January 15th 2012
Getting ready for Halloween.... Thanks to Spook City for sending me some shirts!!

Tshirt No. 14 January 14th 2012
Nothing like a glass of Boylan's Root Beer. Big thanks to Crawl Apparel for the shirt!

Tshirt No. 13 January 13th 2012
Voulez-vous coucher avec moi... (ce soir)? Don't know what it means, but I like the song... Thank you Grandma for picking this for me while were in Paris!

Tshirt No. 12 January 12th 2012
Futbol > Soccer. Sick design sent to me by the awesome people at American Treble.

Tshirt No. 11 January 11th 2012
Never had Paella, but it sure looks good. Big thanks to Dr. UEEE for supplying the dish!!

Tshirt No. 10 January 10th 2012
Mmhmhmm.... I love a good stack of steaks and butter for breakfast. Shout out to Sugar Steak for hitting me up with this Limited Edition Tshirt!

Tshirt No. 9 January 9th 2012
Adam Bomb - Bizarro. One of my favorite tees. Designed by The Hundreds.

Tshirt No. 8 January 8th 2012
Quote on the Back: "It's Just A Game. It's Just A Uniform. It's Just Some Sneakers Without The MAN". The great Michael Jordan.

Tshirt No. 7 January 7th 2012
"Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of" - Empire State of Mind. Made by Sacred Stitch.

Tshirt No. 6 January 6th 2012
Cleveland What Up? Cincinnati What Up? Columbus What Up? Toledo What Up? Ohio What Up? - Kid Cudi: Cudi Spazzin. Made by HOMAGE.

Tshirt No. 5 January 5th 2012
If you're ever in Michigan, get your clothes cleaned at Mr. Stadium Coin Laundry... It's Life Changing. "Ann Arbor's Most Famous Laundromat Since 1972".

Tshirt No. 4 January 4th 2012
Now throw your hands in the air And flick 'em off like you just don't care. Sick t-shirt sent to me by Brian Shevlin from ConArtists. Designed by Myk Dawg. Go check him out.

Tshirt No. 3 January 3rd 2012
Making some music in the late afternoon, and when I get tired, I just Rest In Beats. Made by Illthreads, bought it from Jackthreads.

Tshirt No. 2 January 2nd 2012
Looks like the old guy from Monopoly got hit real bad by the Recession... Picked it up from Threadless. Will Play For Food.

Tshirt No. 1 January 1st 2012
Kid Cudi - Man on the Moon: The End of Day. One of my favorite albums. By Karmaloop.