Tshirt No. 121 April 30th 2012
Started with Kid Cudi, ended it with Cudi. As I put on my last YOTT tshirt today, I never thought I would have gotten to this point. It has been such a great experience discovering indie tshirt brands and learning about their stories. I like this quote from Brian Shevlin, the creator of YOTT, "To do something, everyday, is exhausting. In the end though, you learn so much more about something when you force yourself to do it everyday." I want to personally thank Brian, Justin, and all the tshirt brands who have supported me during this four month span. The year isn't over yet, so stick around for the next four months to check out Kevin's tshirts.

Tshirt No. 120 April 29th 2012
When he meets new people and new environments Wize transforms and adapts his look. He becomes “Ope”. “Ope” is for open minded. Picked up this sick tshirt at the Wize and Ope store in Paris.

Tshirt No. 119 April 28th 2012
Headphones are essential for any form of music. Especially if you're in a car that is listening to an audio book of Harry Potter. Had this dope tshirt sent to me by Cross Culture Fashion, who are across the pond in England.

Tshirt No. 118 April 27th 2012
About to make another batch of chocolate chip cookies. Picked up this sick tshirt at the Johnny Cupcakes shop in Boston.

Tshirt No. 117 April 26th 2012
Aside from tshirt collecting, I'm also studying and working on becoming a music producer. I go under the name BackPack. Yes... that is the "BackPack" from Dora The Explorer. If you want to check out my stuff, hit up my SoundCloud. And a big thank you to my girlfriend who got me this custom tshirt!

Tshirt No. 116 April 25th 2012
Nothing like the classic Italian Ice in NYC. Picked this one up at The Hundreds store in SoHo.

Tshirt No. 115 April 24th 2012
China candy is the best candy. No contest. Picked this shirt up at HI PANDA when I was in Paris!

Tshirt No. 114 April 23rd 2012
Picked up this awesome tshirt at Sevenly. They have a new tshirt every week designed for a unique charity. $7 of every tshirt purchase goes to that week's cause.

Tshirt No. 113 April 22nd 2012
8 tshirts left and I'm A-OK. I'll probably donate some, but I'm pretty sure I'll keep this one. Go hit up ALRIGHTOK, they hooked me up with this dope tee.

Tshirt No. 112 April 21st 2012
Absolutely Brilyent. Hit up their shop for some sick tshirts!

Tshirt No. 111 April 20th 2012
Corruption and money exists even in the legal system. Damn. Go check out Suspicious Clothing!!

Tshirt No. 110 April 19th 2012
About a month ago, Kobe Bryant had to wear a mask to protect his broken nose. Somewhere along the line, he got mixed up with Dr/MF Doom. Picked it up from DigitalGravel.

Tshirt No. 109 April 18th 2012
I want to be a Terracotta Soldier when I grow up. Big thanks to Sinotology for the sick tshirts!

Tshirt No. 108 April 17th 2012
Anyone see the plane carrying the space shuttle today? It was nothing compared to Jerry Rockit. Check out their shop, they have some dope tshirts.

Tshirt No. 107 April 16th 2012
Everyone knows the highest quality audio comes from those old tape decks. I would know, I have Dr. Dre Beats. Big thanks to Alphabet Arm for all the sick tshirts!

Tshirt No. 106 April 15th 2012
Translation of shirt: If you don't take care of the environment, you'll die. Hit up Fakejoy, they've got some unique designs.

Tshirt No. 105 April 14th 2012
This is what happens when you mash Star Wars with American Chopper. Big thanks to Made With Awesome for the tshirts!

Tshirt No. 104 April 13th 2012
Taking the ACT tomorrow, gotta go in and sting the test like a bee. Float on over to No Mas, they hooked up with some dope tshirts!

Tshirt No. 103 April 12th 2012
Tophats and Penguins... doesn't get any better than that. Big shout out to Iconic Spark for sending some sick tshirts!

Tshirt No. 102 April 11th 2012
In the ring I'm known as the Luchador. This isn't WWE. Go check out Alphabet Arm, they hooked me up with a bunch of tshirts!

Tshirt No. 101 April 10th 2012
Shhh! Living that Quiet Life... Hit them up, they sent me some sick tshirts!

Tshirt No. 100 April 9th 2012
Number 100!!! 21 more to go. I think it's time to celebrate with some raps from Felix The Cat. Big thanks to LIFE Clothing Co. for hitting me up with some classic tshirts!

Tshirt No. 99 April 8th 2012
What Makes You Happy? --> Friendly's Ice Cream. Vanilla, Cookie Dough, Mint Chip, and Chocolate. Go check out the generous tshirt designers: Peace & Ice Cream!

Tshirt No. 98 April 7th 2012
Who else knows the trick where you put certain numbers in your calculator and turn it upside to spell hello? Big thanks to Team Pho for the tshirts!

Tshirt No. 97 April 6th 2012
Don't forget to pay your tolls, or you'll get eaten by monsters... Go check out 20Six Fresh, they sent me some sick designs!

Tshirt No. 96 April 5th 2012
Nodding to some hot beats at midnight. No school tomorrow, feeling like an all nighter. Big thanks to Crawl Apparel for all the tshirts!!!

Tshirt No. 95 April 4th 2012
King Kong is overrated. Godzilla is the monster NYC should be worrying about. Check out Fakejoy , they sent me some awesome tshirts.

Tshirt No. 94 April 3rd 2012
Always remember to "Ask Y". For example: Why am I taking this picture in front of my refrigerator? Big thanks to Hello Fresco for supplying me with some tshirts!

Tshirt No. 93 April 2nd 2012
A pretty sketchy variation of the famous "Keep Calm" line. Teacher says something about a test? I'm doodling in my notebook. Hit up IROK Clothing for some unique designs!

Tshirt No. 92 April 1st 2012
It's like Confucius always said: "Respect the Youth". Filial Piety... nothing else to it. Big thanks to Speakeasy for the sick tshirt!