Tshirt No. 90 March 31st 2011
The Fist by Royal Crush. This fist is unlike those depicted in posters for communism, labor unions or black power. Those fists stood for solidarity. The Royal Crush fist is personal power in use. This fist is hitting you in the stomach or face. It is one person's strength in action.

Tshirt No. 89 March 30th 2011
I can't wait to hit the beach...Sea Bound by Handsome Supply Co which can be found at Honey and Hazel Co in Brooklyn.

Tshirt No. 88 March 29th 2011
Tuesday morning Kiss Diss! You like that, don't ya...

Tshirt No. 87 March 28th 2011
Ghetto Dog by Quicksilver. Check this - Quicksilver

Tshirt No. 86 March 27th 2011
Lets stand UNITED by VXRSI. VXRSI is rooted in latin - way or direction, against, versus

Tshirt No. 85 March 26th 2011
You didn't miss much today...Just me rocking one of my favorite V-necks! It made me happy since my internet was down!

Tshirt No. 84 March 25th 2011
Speed Freaks by Damien Weighill & brought to you by Super SuperFicial. I am moving fast like a snail through life...living it up!

Tshirt No. 83 March 24th 2011
Bars by Ambiguous, more than just a clothing line...it's Ambiguous

Tshirt No. 82 March 23rd 2011
Live your life like there is Nothing Left to Lose by The Boys and Co.. Live It, Love it Lovers

Tshirt No. 81 March 22nd 2011
Any gear heads out there? Spark plug by Brooklyn Motors

Tshirt No. 80 March 21st 2011
Happy Birthday Dad! Bridges and Powerlines is an amazing band. Thank you for this great Tshirt at Union Hall in the BK

Tshirt No. 79 March 20th 2011
PPS - Pen Pencil Stencil Limited edition Logo. Can you draw with both hands?

Tshirt No. 78 March 19th 2011
One Man Wolf Pack....there is nothing more to say

Tshirt No. 77 March 18th 2011
Bye Bye Super Model...I am back! Another great tee with a big heart. Rooted in Christ by Paid in Full. Fresh Graphics Eternal Message

Tshirt No. 76 March 17th 2011
HAPPY ST. PATTY'S DAY! I bring to you the gold at the end of the rainbow...Seasca a Naoi by Badcock Apparel. Lift your Irish Stout and drink!

Tshirt No. 75 March 16th 2011
This Tshirt says it all. Live life and feel ALIVE by No Mas, for True Athletes

Tshirt No. 74 March 15th 2011
If you love sneakers, you got to have a FLY tee to go with it. Check out Diversitile to get both. Diversitile makes some dope, customized kicks.

Tshirt No. 73 March 14th 2011
A DIY tee - Need to know how to fix large cracks? click here

Tshirt No. 72 March 13th 2011
I caught these sick Koi Twins right out of the ocean by Tilteed

Tshirt No. 71 March 12th 2011
School Aged by Jedidiah. Jedidiah is a great company that is doing something powerful and moving for The Schools for Schools (S4S) program. Please check them out on their site and Jedidiah Facebook.

Tshirt No. 70 March 11th 2011
Nothing is better than sitting by a fireplace on day like today. I picture the design of this tee being created in a similar spot. Erasing Hands by Tang Yau Hoong. Pick it up @ Go Ape

Tshirt No. 69 March 10th 2011
Money in the Bank by Negrete. This is the Theme Song that plays in my head when I wear this tee.

Tshirt No. 68 March 9th 2011
Here's another great shirt by Loyal Citizen Clothing. This is a tribute to those who fish for a living! I am about to grab some left over seafood from Lenny's Clam Bar...THANK YOU fishermen!

Tshirt No. 67 March 8th 2011
I dedicate this shirt to my Dad. This is a splitting image of him

Tshirt No.66 March 7th 2011
No work today! Straight Chillin...Enjoy

Tshirt No. 65 March 6th 2011
Tourist Tshirt from Beach Republic. A gift from my Sister and my new Brother In-Law from their honeymoon! THANKS!

Tshirt No. 64 March 5th 2011
Eternal Reflection by Reflection Dynamiks. Learn more about this Queens, NY here

Tshirt No. 63 March 4th 2011
Tour Debut by Le Grand Cru. Who's participating in the Five Boro Bike Tour?

Tshirt No. 62 March 3rd 2011
Micassassins by Guy Vernes. Check out their site, they got more than just tees, but little short episodes that gives you a better glimpse in Guy Vernes!

Tshirt No. 61 March 2nd 2011
I want a Tattoo by Yema Yema. How many do you have? I got 4.

Tshirt No. 60 March 1st 2011
Organic Sash by Jessalin Beutler. This shirt was hand painted! You can see the brush strokes! I absolutely love it!