Tshirt No. 365 December 31st 2011
My last Tee of the year. It is bitter sweet. I wore a lot of tees this year, but I will always love the classic Vnecks. 2010 was a great year it had UPs and DOWNs but that's life...Year of the Tshirt 2011

Tshirt No. 364 December 30th 2011
When I grow up I want to be like this Kid A BEAST!

Tshirt No. 363 December 29th 2011
I am Natural Baby! All real!

Tshirt No. 362 December 28th 2011
With all this windy and freezing temps I am ready to be on the west coast to catch some waves!

Tshirt No. 361 December 27th 2011
I think I got all the keys I need. Feeling like a Janitor today!

Tshirt No. 360 December 26th 2011
EESTI FÄNNISÄRK designed by Heavy Mental

Tshirt No. 359 December 25th 2011
It's my neice's 1st Xmas and I wanted to let her know that Santa is my Homeboy and not to worry. He isn't breaking into your house! Merry Christmas everyone!

Tshirt No. 358 December 24th 2011
Merry Christmas Eve! I hope every one takes wonderful Family Pictures. Remember to smile!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Dr. UEEE

Tshirt No. 357 December 23rd 2011
Whats on TV? Another Lazers Shirt. I think these are so freaking cool!

Tshirt No. 356 December 22nd 2011
I am not sure what the heck this Tshirt means, but I guess Cocaine is > than Hot Dogs! Tjamls Blue Mustach for making that clear!

Tshirt No. 355 December 21st 2011
Today is a tee by Twantard - The All-Star Monstar. It's limited edition and only one tee per post code!

Tshirt No. 354 December 20th 2011
Starting today and forever, I am going Just saying no to negativity. Who needs that in my life.

Tshirt No. 353 December 19th 2011
The MTA runs through my blood. It's how I get around!

Tshirt No. 352 December 18th 2011
What's new in this picture besides the amazing Heavy Mental bright yellow tee?!

Tshirt No. 351 December 17th 2011
Construction time! Caterpillar pocket tee!

Tshirt No. 350 December 16th 2011
It's that time of year where I can't wait for Holiday Dessert. Bring on the Cinnamon Rolls Pillsbury Dough Boy . This video is how the cinnamon rolls are made! ha

Tshirt No. 349 December 15th 2011
Remember SPEEDO! I use to rock this brand when I use to swim. Brings back some old memories! This tee is all about volleyball!

Tshirt No. 348 December 14th 2011
It's that time of year where you need to get gifts and send them out. Use the United States Postal Service. It's a simpler way to ship!

Tshirt No. 347 December 13th 2011
Music for the soul today! - Just a Feeling

Tshirt No. 346 December 12th 2011
Tony Hawking it up today! I wish I knew how to skateboard. Going on the bucket list!

Tshirt No. 345 December 11th 2011
Since I can't grow a mustache, which stach should I choose to wear today Choke Shirt Co?

Tshirt No. 344 December 10th 2011
Today is the NYC SantaCon. To my friends who are attending....don't do anything Baaad Santa would do!

Tshirt No. 343 December 9th 2011
I definitely dig this creative tee. Laser Cut Apparel / PERF has come up with a unique way to show of a design. They use a laser technique to make patterns. However, I must say wearing this in the winter, is a bit chilly! Pick up yours at PERF @ Etsy

Tshirt No. 342 December 8th 2011
See the World Famous Kong...Pull this tee from the back of the close...AE Outfitters...when did I shop there? ha-ha

Tshirt No. 341 December 7th 2011
STP the Racer's Edge! I dedicate this to my fallen car. I will miss you Electra and Turtle...

Tshirt No. 340 December 6th 2011
Has to be one of the coolest Tshirt I ever worn. I am hypnotized by the GLOW Thanks Lazers Shirts. What to see this tee in action? Lazer it Up!

Tshirt No. 339 December 5th 2011
I am Completely Serious about December being my last month of rocking Tees. Thanks No Where Bad for giving us Tees for $12 for 4 days! Don't miss out Peeps!

Tshirt No. 338 December 4th 2011
Can you guess what building this is from NYC? DKDK AKA David Louis Klein who has a soft spot in his heart for NYC.

Tshirt No. 337 December 3rd 2011
I always wanted a portrait of Lil Wayne. His face is a work of art ha. Thanks Deer Dana for making me this great tee and showing me How to Love

Tshirt No. 336 December 2nd 2011
"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" by Carl Sagan...Who the Fuck is Carl Sagan We Admire? but either way I like the tee!

Tshirt No. 335 December 1st 2011
Oh my god it is December 1st! I can't believe I got only a month left!!!!!